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The Red Hand Files

Nick Cave puts his finger on the warm pulse of humanity, handing out universal comfort as he answers readers questions. This is what it looks like when an artist cares more about giving than taking. Rare indeed these days. CLICK HERE

The Marginalian

Get lost in a universe of wonder and inspiration with this treasured newsletter from artist / philosopher / oracle / absolute freak of nature Maria Popova. Tell a friend! CLICK HERE

The Criterion Channel

Some of the greatest films ever made. We recommend: Wings of Desire, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Seventh Seal, Ghost Dog, A Girls Own Story, Cleo From 5-7, Ikiru, Museum Hours. CLICK HERE

Taffy Sinclair

Hand silkscreened shirts, stickers, posters and bags by genius LA artist and icon Mandy Mullins. You're guaranteed to get allll the looks and make new friends wearing her stuff! CLICK HERE

Too Dark For Disney

Asheville artist and DJ Devyn Marzuola has one of the best radio programs you'll ever hear. Yes. It's that good. CLICK HERE

Mookie Wilson

is our guru.

Dock Ellis Pitches A No-No

Baseball meets LSD. What more do you need to know.

Mookie says "Watch it!". CLICK HERE

Ixchel Lara

Los Angeles based photographer (and master of the double exposure) Ixchel Lara takes uncommonly gorgeous film photographs celebrating the glorious imperfections of the natural world. Instagram: @ixchelara  |   IXCHEL ON FLICKR   

Weight - Jeanette Winterson

(Book) - The retelling of the Atlas myth by master story teller Jeanette Winterson. (Public library link)  (Buy from Parnassus Books)

The Moth Presents: All These Wonders

(Book) - The Moth is a kaleidoscope of stories, and this volume brings together the disparate corners of human existence. Read one story and you won't put it down, so get comfy. (Public library link)   (Buy from Parnassus Books)

Mary Margaret O'Hara

Will somebody please tell us why this makes us So. Darn. Happy. ❤︎ We love Mary Margaret O'Hara because there is only one of her. CLICK HERE

Etta James

Those of you who've already grabbed our free creativity pack will be familiar with this video, but for those who haven't (yet), check it out! CLICK HERE

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